I worked at Catawiki from 2017 to 2021 as a content creator and copywriter.

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How Rachel Ruysch became the queen of floral still life

Her name may not ring a bell, yet her sharp, floral still life paintings are instantly recognisable. As one of the most successful still-life painters of all time, both during her lifetime and in home interior trends of recent years, classical artist Rachel Ruysch may not be as well-remembered as other Dutch masters, but she’s the undisputed queen of floral still life paintings.

Why the electric classic car is dividing car enthusiasts

Classic cars come with a certain elegance and sense of nostalgia that modern cars simply can’t compete with. Unfortunately, they also come with an engine that doesn’t necessarily have a place in a sustainable future – until now. Enter the electric classic car: an older car, updated with an electric engine. We spoke to car experts Luca Gazzaretti and Franco Vigorito to discuss this development.

What Frida Kahlo’s paintings tell us about her life

Frida Kahlo’s courageous, bold personality, immense talent and striking appearance have seen her crowned a feminist and queer icon. Her famous features have been commodified now to the point where her appearance is almost overshadowing her amazing and powerful autobiographical art, so we’ve taken a look at what Kahlo’s paintings can tell us about her life.

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